What is veroPass?
VeroPass authentication website, is a comprehensive solution that protects consumers from purchasing counterfeit products as well as give legitimate manufacturers complete control over counterfeit issues.

In the US alone, the FBI estimates losses due to counterfeiting at US$200-250 billion a year. It is estimated that counterfeiting accounts for between 5% and 7% of world trade. To the consumer, the cost is the purchase of inferior products for which there is no warranty. To manufacturers, the damages are not only lost sales but may also include the costs of legal fees and court trials, policing and counterfeit customer support, as well as long term damage to the company brand image.

VeroPass solves the issue of product counterfeits with a two code process. Every VeroPass protected product has a Serial Number on the outside of the box and the second Authentication Key on the inside of the box. Using only the Serial Number, a customer can receive primary information about the authenticity, even without purchase of the product. With both codes, the customer can receive definitive information of authenticity. As the success of any anti-counterfeit process relies on the participation by the customer, by making the process as simple and hassle free as possible, the two code process encourages customers to use VeroPass whenever available.

For manufacturers, VeroPass not only authenticates their products to customers, but it can relay information about how serious the counterfeit problem is, where counterfeits are being sold, and can prevent counterfeiters to attempt manufacturing products that are VeroPass protected. VeroPass also solves the complicated issue of product returns. With VeroPass’s unique return system (patent pending), merchants can easily re-authenticate a returned product without any additional work from the distributor or manufacturer. This is done in a controlled manner while keeping the integrity of the product authenticity in check and providing information about returns to the manufacturer.

VeroPass is the simple and easy solution to all product counterfeiting problems.